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You don't have our pricelist yet?

Please send inquiries to the following address:

Did you not find what you are looking for?

Contact us. Perhaps we will be able to implement your idea.

How to place an order?
Three simple steps.

That’s how little it takes to have beautiful velours boxes with your company’s logo on them.

1. Pick the colours and sizes of the boxes
Punkt 1

Let us know what sizes and colours you would like to get. You can freely mix and match them. Don’t restrict yourself – all combinations are welcome.

2. Show us your logo!
Punkt 2

It is easy to have your logo on our boxes. Please attach a vector image with your logo and let us know what colour of embossing you wish – we’ll do the rest.

A golden logo on a carbon colour box, and a silver one on a graphite? No problem! You can choose the color of the embossing for each box individually.

3. Let’s get to know each other better.

It looks like we are all set up here. Oh no, wait… We have forgotten about the most important thing! Send us the details for an invoice and the delivery address. This will make our cooperation much easier!


E-mail message ready!

Now put into receipent's address:

and click Send!


Any questions?

Plik wektorowy
What is a vector file?

It’s one of the two basic computer graphics types, which describes the picture with the use of… You don’t need to know it!


A vector file extension is usually .cdr, .eps, .ai, .dxf and in some cases also .pdf.


If you don’t have such a file – try to contact the design person that prepared your logo for you – they will most certainly have one.

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