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Good to see you!

You have your ideas for wonderful compostitions.


We have the boxes for them.

What do we do?

We are manufacturing boxes for flowers – flowerboxes. Each and every single box is handmade with greatest solicitude and care of every detail.

We offer to our clients personalised velours-covered boxes.

A wide variety of colours makes every box a perfect match for the style and vibe of every composition.

O nas

What makes our flowerboxes unique?

You decide what the boxes should look like. Do you prefer a tiny, subtle logo of your company or perhaps an enormous embossing making it impossible to overlook the designer of the composition?

You make the choice – we do the rest.


No matter what you prefer – cold, soft or expressive and bold colours – we’ve got them all.


Cute and tiny for a souvenir or enormous for an unforgettable gift? That’s what your clients decide – we make every box beautiful and unique.

Your own logo

on our boxes.

Make your brand more recognizable and prestigious.

It’s easy as that – send us your logo and we will put it on your boxes. That makes for a great advertisement and lures potential clients, because no matter where your flowerbox gets – everyone will notice where does it come from.

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