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Tailor-made boxes

Velvet boxes

Three-elements boxes

Velvet boxes with
the lids


Velvet boxes with metal bottom

Price list

You decide the size, colour and finish. Design your own unique collection.

Pudełka welurowe
Velvet boxes sizes

Little box for a single rose or a big one for a full-bodied bouquet?

Both will be beautiful.

Pudełka welurwe z metalowm dnem
Velvet boxes with metal bottoms sizes

Metal bottom to fit the colour of your company’s logo on the box.


That’s how you define elegance.

Pudełka welurowe z pokrywką
Velvet boxes with the lids

Hide your composition in the box. We all like surprises.

Or leave the box open, let the lid embrace its lower part giving it a second life once the flowers are gone.

Three-elements boxes sizes
Pudełka trzyelementowe

A box for special tasks.


Thanks to the collar placed inside the box, it creates a uniform shape after closing, protecting the flowers inside.

It is hard to find a better packaging for everlasting roses.

Colours to match the character
of a composition

Twenty five beautiful velour colors.

Pick the ones to highlight the character of your composition.


You are only limited by your imagination.

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